Our Team

Why Us?

The ReGrid team is a group of Middlebury College students unified by a common vision of combatting climate change through grid efficiency and resiliency. The academic grounding of our team ranges from economics, computer science, and physics, to political science, studio art, and psychology; this diversity equips us with the tools necessary to create well-informed, innovative solutions for 21st century challenges. This year we are conducting a feasibility study for a campus microgrid, which we see as a viable solution for increasing renewable technology adoption and grid resilience. Our research has highlighted the need for a consumer engagement platform to complement these structural upgrades. Improving consumer-utility relations through our mobile and web-based app, ReGrid, will incentivize deliberate electricity consumption, reduce load on the grid, and ultimately set the stage for widespread energy relocalization.

Name: Isaac Baker

Major: Journalism '15

Hometown: Shelburne Falls, MA

I came to this project after many summers working with communities to create local energy solutions and promote energy efficiency. Moving forward, I believe that we have the technology to optimize how and when consumers use energy so we can achieve our commonly accepted goals: decarbonizing our electricity, reducing energy costs, and improving grid resiliency. When I'm not thinking about energy, I'm cooking, white water rafting, playing banjo, and going for hikes in the glorious, sublime, and wonderful White Mountains.



NameZach Berzolla

Intended Major: Physics ‘18

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Microgrids powered by renewable energy are the key to creating a local, resilient energy system for a sustainable future. Energy factors into all the major issues we face today, so I believe that tackling the issue of energy security and reliability is a great place to jump in. Creating a more agile grid in terms of demand and damage response is vital to building a more sustainable future. We all share this earth, and I want to take my passion for renewable energy technology and apply it to halting climate change and repairing our harmonious relationship with the natural world. On campus I am Assistant Stage Manager for a faculty-directed production: Vampire by Snoo Wilson. I love to take photos and eat spinach. 


Name: Forrest Carroll

Major: Political Science '15

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

My interest in this group stems from my passion to work with companies on achieving a comprehensive integration of renewable and efficient technologies in the U.S. (and global) economy. This generation will be defined by our response to anthropogenic climate change, and as we tackle this broader issue, we must have an understanding of the shortcomings of existing infrastructure and communication.

Name: Jennifer Damian

Intended Major: Environmental Studies '18

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

 I am excited to indulge in my first collaborate, energy-focused project at Middlebury. Working with my peers on energy efficiency and the process of making it work and accessible is complex and thus intriguing. Fun facts? I hiccup at least twice an hour, I love turtles, and I eat chocolates like if they were vitamins.

Name: Napat (Doo) Kitisook

Intended Major: Economics ’18

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Our everyday lives revolve around energy usage. In today’s ever changing and unpredictable environment, grid resiliency is very important both economically and socially as power outages are costly and affect our daily activities. Ensuring a stable power supply takes efforts of the utilities, as well as a collaborative communal effort; realizing this has sparked my interest to join the team. Imagine the power going out while you're watching American Horror story. Wouldn't you want to support grid resiliency then?

Name: Dylan McGarthwaite

Major: Environmental Policy '15 

Hometown: Hayward, WI

If there is any activity that involves friends, games, balls, pucks, skis, or anything outdoors, you can count me in. I love being active outside and I want my future children and grandchildren to be able to experience this blissful feeling as well. Therefore it is important that we do something to protect Mother Nature!

Name: Gina Puccinelli

Major: Economics '15

Hometown: New York, NY

I like cupcakes, fine tea, Chipotle, peppermint hot chocolate, beaches, momofuku birthday cake truffles, Penne alla Vodka, Dumplings, my dog, electricity, and Annie's Mac & Cheese. 

NameVignesh Ramachandran

Intended MajorInternational Global Studies '18

HometownFremont, CA

Grid resiliency is important to reducing emissions and we need to reduce emissions if we want to save the world. Here are some fun facts: Tom Haverford from Parks & Recreation is my spirit animal; I helped design a social media app; and I like chocolate chip cookies. 

Name: Emma Ronai-Durning

Intended Major: Math and Computer Science '18

Hometown: Salem, OR

I am a part of the ReGrid team to have a tangible impact on our community.  Without stemming climate change, our planet will soon be unlivable. I am here because I believe grid resiliency and efficiency are critical projects to prepare for the coming conditions of ever more frequent and intense storm systems. I also really like eggplants!

Name: Teddy Smyth

Major: Environmental Policy '15

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

I'm a climate policy campaigner just starting to work on renewable solutions. Grid resilience is essential to any emissions reduction plan. I wanted to be a solar panel for Halloween, but then it was too dark out. Also, I don't own anything with a Patagonia logo. 

Name: Prasanna Vankina

Intended Major: Environmental History ‘18 

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN


Awareness is the first step to initiating effective change. I believe that enhancing daily energy education among the general public is crucial to achieving efficiency. Not only does it allow an individual to be more conscious of his or her energy use and creates a greater incentive to act upon efficiency-related issues, but also ultimately leads to grid resiliency. When I’m not on the farm or contemplating green alternatives, you can find me at the pottery studio, in my hiking boots, or with a tambourine in hand.

Name: Lindsay Warne

Major: Environmental Geography '15

Hometown: Sag Harbor, New York 

During my time at Middlebury, I have deepened my understanding of sustainability and spent far too much time in the GIS lab. I first became interested in renewable energy through the 2013 Solar Decathlon competition. In my spare time, I lurk in coffee shops and talk in my sleep.

Name: Thomas Wentworth

Intended Major: Psychology '18

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Although I am perfectly content eating dehydrated pinto beans for dinner and falling asleep in a tent hundreds of miles from civilization, I do appreciate the power of a resilient grid. I believe that a stronger and more flexible system is the first crucial step towards localized and renewable energy systems, and think that this challenge is a great way to make it happen. I am interested in the way behavioral psychology informs consumer choices in relation to sustainability. I will go by myself to the dining hall to eat Brussels sprouts and I'm pretty sure I have the largest cool sock collection on campus.