Our Submission

Why now?

Power outages have real social and economic consequences for utilities and consumers alike. While advanced power-monitoring technologies are effective tools for detecting disruptions, they neither tell the whole story nor are they ubiquitous. Through ReGrid, utilities and consumers can work together to improve outage response time and increase power reliability. Furthermore, moving customer reporting and engagement to our interactive app allows utilities to easily access valuable, crowd-sourced information, resulting in powerful, cost-saving insights.



ReGrid was designed to fill the correspondence and convenience gaps made explicit by the electricity stakeholders we interviewed (utilities: BG&E, PG&E, GMP, PNM, CL&P; and homeowners). Though ReGrid does aggregate utility-related information like other apps, it is not just a platform where customers can manage payments and view their energy use. It is also a direct line for sending and receiving information during blackouts. During a power outage, this app is a one-stop-shop, providing consumers with home & neighborhood outage information and utilities with timely reporting. Yet more importantly, ReGrid promotes everyday, thoughtful energy consumption by empowering users to choose electricity options that save them money and reduce stress on grid infrastructure. Our Energy Savings Day rewards program and home energy-use analyses will engage previously disinterested consumers while reducing load factors during peak energy demand cycles.


The bottleneck for lowering energy consumption and improving rate-payer reporting during blackouts lies most simply with the flow of information. ReGrid, combined with smart metering and financial incentives, will remove this communication barrier. Our app provides the right range of services to regularly engage consumers and ultimately revolutionize our energy distribution system.

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